JPJ: Parents reminded to not easily let their children ride without licence to school

SHAH ALAM, 13 Aug: Parents are reminded to not arbitrarily let their children who do not have licence to ride motorcycles to school.

This is because motorcycle accidents among school children often happen but parents still do not care about their children’s safety.


The Road Transport Department (JPJ) said that most parents are willing to let their children use their family-owned motorcycles to go to school or anywhere else.

This happens because they refuse to send their children to school on grounds that they are busy and so on.

“Do not think about finances to allow children to have driving licences when they are eligible according to the age allowed by JPJ.

“It has been found that the average age of children aged 13 to 17 use motorcycles without licence to go to school every day.


“Where they are more prone to accidents resulting in loss or life or lifetime disability,” said JPJ, quoted from Facebook.

JPJ said that having a licence is important because motorists who have licences will be covered by insurance in case of accident.


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