Loss of RM7 million, Government should establish Special Commission to study MAS structuring

SHAH ALAM, 13 Aug: The Federal Government should inform the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Turnaround Plan which is now a major concern among the minority shareholders of the airline company.

The PAS Youth Deputy Chief, Khairil Nizam Khairudin, said that MAS has faced significant losses three years in a row.


He said that MAS suffered a net loss of RM443 million in the first quarter or 2014 and is now estimated reach RM7 million a day.

“It has been proposed to establish a Special Commission comprising of experts from the government and the opposition to review and submit concrete suggestions to overcome the crisis.

“The Special Commission is expected to examine the real reason why the problem is happening despite MAS recording a high turnover last year.

“This is because the motion to debate on MAS was rejected by House of Representative and the National Public Accounts also refused to investigate the losses incurred by MAS,” he said in a press statement.

He said that the establishment of the Special Commission would hopefully be an effective medium to solve the MAS and MAS Employees Union (MASEU) crisis.

According to him, this is important because the fate of 20,000 staff has yet to be confirmed by the Malaysian Airlines Turnaround Plan.


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