The general vote of Selangorians support Abdul Khalid

SHAH ALAM, 8 Aug: The Operations Director for the PAS Research Centre, Dr Zuhdi Marzuki, is confident that the majority of Selangorians are more comfortable being under the administration of the State Government led by the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, and his Executive Council line-up.

This is due to several independent surveys conducted by several parties like Merdeka Centre, Astro Awani and several private polls, showing that Selangorians want Abdul Khalid to lead the country’s richest state.


“I am confident that the people of Selangor have taken polls several times, either done by Merdeka Centre or private polls, showing the Selangorians are comfortable under the current Chief Minister,” he said.

Dr Zuhdi said this at the Selangor the Land of Luck and Save Gaza Prayers which was held at the Selangor Chief Minister’s official residence yesterday.

He added that the prosperity of Islam in Selangor also has a growing presence when mosques in the state are always filled with various religious and scholarly activities.

“Muslims in Selangor are also comfortable with Islam being prospered in this state. So when we go to the State Mosque, there is not enough place. That is how prosperous the state and Selangor state mosque is,” said Dr Zuhdi.

Dr Zuhdi also said that although the law allows changing leaders at any time, the practice of changing leaders to give way to favourite candidates of party leaders is not healthy for the people and country.

“The practice of taking down and raising these leaders is not like changing clothes. Taking down people, being unsatisfied by a person or raising their favourite.

“They can raise them up anytime like changing clothes. This is not a good practice, even in a democratic country. Let a democratic country be led by constitution. Five years once provides the widest space for existing leaders,” he added.


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