American forces using the military base in Sabah, the Government needs to explain

SHAH ALAM, 13 Sept: The Government needs to clarify whether Malaysia is paying for the search and rescue mission of the Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft by allowing the United States military to use military facilities in Sabah.

This was following allegations by the US Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Jonathan W Greenert in the Sea Power Magazine recently that Malaysia offered the facilities of a naval base in Sabah.

The Coordinator of the Malaysian Youth Solidarity (SAMM), Roslee Mohd Sharif, said that local news portals state that the naval base in Sepanggar will house a maritime patrol aircraft owned by the US Navy; the P-8A Poseidon.

“SAMM hereby urges the Prime Minister to give a full explanation regarding the acknowledgement by the US CNO.

“Is it true that Malaysia is willing to allow US military assets to be placed on our military bases?” said Roslee in a press statement today.

He said in the magazine, Greenert also reportedly said that the Malaysian Government appreciates the efforts and response from the US in the MH370 Search and Rescue Mission.

Roslee said that this statement was not made by normal officers of the US army, but was done by a Senior Military Officer who is also a 4-star Admiral in the Navy Department.

He said that the CNO is also the Chief Naval Advisor to the President of the United States, thus proving that the statement he issued cannot be underestimated.

He said that SAMM sees the issue as being closely related to the issue of national sovereignty as the country is able to collect intelligence on Malaysia’s importance of security and sovereignty.


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