Only a weak government will use the Sedition Act to threaten its people

KUALA LUMPUR, 16 Sept: Only a weak government needs to threaten its people by using the Sedition Act.

Student activist, Adam Adli Abd Halim, who was also charged with sedition a year ago, called the people to unite and pressure Putrajaya into repealing the Act.


Meanwhile, activist Muhammad Safwan Anang said nobody was safe from sedition in Malaysia except for Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali.

“We have a crazy system in Malaysia, I was shocked when the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court found me guilty of sedition and sentenced me to 10 months’ jail,” he said during the launch of the Repeal the Sedition Act Movement (GHAH) yesterday.

Safwan said he and other fellow activists from a coalition of youth groups would begin a nationwide campaign against the Sedition Act from today and oppose the Act as he has been a victim of the Act.

The Executive Director of Lensa was sentenced to 10 months by the Sessions Court here after being found guilty of the charge of giving a speech that was seditious in a talk last year.


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