Risk of state elections if PAS accepts the CM position – Hanipa

BATU PAHAT, 20 Sept: The PAS Legal Bureau Chairman, Mohamed Hanipa Maidin, reminded that PAS will only prolong the political crisis in Selangor if they accept the position of Chief Minister of Selangor.

In fact, he is concerned that it would open the door to a state election if a PAS Assemblyman is chosen by the Sultan of Selangor and that they will not have the support from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and DAP.

“When PAS accepts the CM position, I am worried that our allies in Pakatan Rakyat will not support us because we had promised that the seat (CM) belongs to PKR.

“So, we will only open up space for the government to be challenged. There is no doubt that it will end with an election.

“We must make a rational and reasonable decision,” he said, worried about the risk and the possibility that PAS will be accused of breaking the promise as the party has made a statement rejecting the position.

However, the opinion of the lawyer was greeted with shouts of ‘boo’ from the delegates who did not agree with the Member of Parliament for Sepang.

Previously, PAS stated that the party will hand over the Selangor Chief Minister seat to PKR even though they have more Assemblymen compared to PKR and DAP.

Yesterday, the majority of the delegates openly reacted of wanting PAS to accept the appointment as Chief Minister of Selangor if chosen by the Sultan of Selangor.

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