Anwar: “Carry on the fight even though I am jailed”

SHAH ALAM, 23 Oct: The PKR de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, said that the people should rise up to continue the fight against the abuse of power by Barisan Nasional (BN) even though he is jailed.

“Even though I am stuffed by Umno and BN in the Kajang or Sungai Buloh cell, the people should continue to fight. Fight to the end again a cruel and unjust government that is administering the country.


“Continue the fight for the generation and our offspring to come so that they will not be victims of cruelty by the Umno and BN government,” he said, quoted from Keadilan Daily.

Anwar said this when speaking at the Lip Seang Khor Hall in Sungai Petani last night.

Over 2,000 attendees that filled up the hall did not move to hear Anwar’s message; which was also attended by the Kedah PR leadership.

He said that BN assumes by jailing him, it will weaken Pakatan Rakyat’s fight.

He said that the people’s fight which was pioneered by Pakatan is near victory and this is very worrisome to BN so much so that they are using the country’s legal system.

“They are using everything available, including the Sedition Act, to supress the people in obtaining information about leakages, corruption, land theft, theft of the people’s money which has been practiced by the government leadership,” he said.

Also present at the talk was the Vice President of KEADILAN, Tian Chua; the Central PAS Information Chief, Datuk Mahfuz Omar; the Kedah state Opposition Leader, Datuk Ir Amiruddin Hamzah and the Kedah DAP leadership.


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