Anwar confident of being freed, asks the people to pray for him

PUTRAJAYA, 31 Oct: The PKR de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, is confident that he will be freed from the guilty charge in the Defamation II case he is facing.

He said this when he met with his supporters after the court proceedings this morning.


In a speech in front of about 30 supporters, he also asked to be prayed for to be freed.

“I thank everyone. The proceedings are as usual…the prosecution is repeating the story although it was proven that accusations were defamatory. But I will continue to be patient.

“We will continue on Monday. Insya-Allah, I will be freed on Tuesday. Please pray for me to be freed on Tuesday,” he said, quoted from Keadilan Daily.

Anwar also managed to greet the Imam of the Tuanku Mizan Mosque and the Penang Mufti right after the Friday prayers.

Pictures: Facebook Onn Abu Bakar


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