Anwar: “Do not give up your body and soul to be an illegal tool to be cruel to anyone”

KLANG, 21 Oct: The Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, if of the opinion that those who have been slandered without proof and clear facts should be defended.

Although he does not know the fate that would befall him when he faces the charges of the Defamation II case, Anwar however is seen as calm and accepts whatever result he is destined with.


“This is not a matter of Anwar. If your father is sent to jail, would that be if he was not in the wrong.

“Would you defend him? You must think. Now it is Anwar, do not forget that you are doing and supporting cruelty. Next time, it would befall you.

“Perhaps my fate next week will be to go to jail. I accept that. I want to advice those who looking to make a living; if it is right, there is nothing wrong.

“Do not give up your body and soul to be an illegal tool to be cruel to anyone, whether it is Anwar, Muniyandi and Ah Chong. Let Allah give us the strength,” he said today.


He said that if he was afraid, he would definitely not return to Malaysia to hear the trial himself.

“Why pray for me to go to jail? Follow the law.

“If I was afraid of the law, I would not return to Malaysia. Is there a reason I will not succeed? No facts, no proof, what excuse are they going to use?

“The Kajang election? It has passed. The Court of Appeal are using the (excuse) of the Kajang election,” he said.

Despite been criticised for attempting to gain international support, he stressed that this move was not to show that he was afraid to face the situation next week.

Cynically, he said that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak himself has asked for international support regarding problems in the country.

“Did Najib not ask for Barack Obama’s help for some of our issues? The issue is that people defend the principles of freedom, democracy and country. We can discuss it anywhere

“If BBC asks, and recently The Telegraph asked, I answered. Those who upholds these principles will defend it wherever.

“So, my opinion is consistent. Let us not defend cruelty here and talk about justice outside,” he said.

Prior to this, PKR launched the #RakyatHakimNegara (People are the nation’s Judges) as a sign of solidarity against the cruelty that has befell the Opposition Leader.

Anwar is now waiting for the Federal Court’s decision on the Defamation II case which will be known on October 28 and 29 at the Putrajaya Court.


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