Anwar: “Please do not beat me again”

SHAH ALAM, 23 Oct: PKR defacto leader Anwar Ibrahim’s pleads to authorities not to give him the “black eye again” if he is to be jailed again.

Anwar said that if he is fated to be jailed again, “please do not beat me again”.


Anwar recalled that during his Sungai Buloh prison days when he ended up with a black-eye, former Indonesian president JB Habibie had telephoned then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed to express his concerns.

Habibie, he said, had been informed by his intelligentsia that Anwar was badly beaten in prison.

He said that Mahathir had curtly replied that the country had laws and that he knew how to take care of things at home

The crowd had braved the drizzle and sat on wet and muddy ground to hear his ‘farewell’ speech in case he goes to prison next week.

In 2006, Anwar was released from prison after serving a six year jail term for abuse of power related to his first sodomy charge.

Anwar has been convicted for a second sodomy charge and the Court of Appeal has sentenced him to a five year jail term.

He is appealing the jail sentence and the Federal Court will decide the matter on Oct 28 and 29.

Anwar said that if he is jailed, Permatang Pauh will go for a by-election and PKR will place a candidate who will obtain much support.

He expressed hope that during the polls, voters will not forgo the opportunity to uphold Pakatan’s principles of justice for all.

“Leaders come and go but Pakatan’s relationship must be stabilised and strengthened,” said the five term MP.

Anwar also appealed for prayers from the people to give him strength but said he remains confident that he can face whatever outcome of the court decision.


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