Anwar rejects offer to stay in Istanbul for the people’s fight

SUBANG JAYA, 28 Oct: The PKR de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, was offered to stay in Istanbul, Turkey, to avoid from being imprisoned.

The offer was made when the unnamed person believed that the courage to face the Federal Court hearing is like surrendering.


“This person said, Anwar…enough. Just stay in Istanbul. There is no need to go back because I am certain that the judicial body is not free.

“The person said why be a hero. Do you know that Mandela was caught when trying to escape because he knew that it was not free.

“If he was caught, he would certainly be sentenced to death or life in prison. So he ran, but was caught. So why do you want to surrender?” Anwar said in front of almost 2000 attendees who flooded the 3K Stadium here yesterday.

He stressed that running away from being jailed will dampen the fighting spirit of the young people in this country.

Anwar added that the move will also put the hopes and support given by the people to waste.


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