Anwar’s speech, UM should agree to the Chancellor’s command to guarantee academic freedom

SHAH ALAM, 27 Oct: The University of Malaya (UM) should abide by the command of its Chancellor, Sultan Nazrin Shah, who decreed the importance of academic freedom and with that ended the efforts to end the speech planned by the Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today.

The Malaysian Youth Solidarity (SAMM) Director of Young Minds, Ahmad Anwar, said that UM’s attempt to stop the speech organised by the UM students was “contrary” with the decree by Sultan Nazrin Shah.


“Sultan Nazrin Muizzudin Shah, who is also the UM Chancellor, decreed on the importance of an open mind which nourishes the feelings of patience and tolerance to hear different arguments, no matter how much it is disagreed.

“An open mind will provide space to allow new ideas to be born and grow, enliven the culture of innovation and nourish creative minds,” said Ahmad Anwar in a statement.

He said that the actions by the UM administration was contrary to the needs for open minds, as decreed by its own Chancellor.


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