LENSA denies organising demonstration to urge Azmin to resign

SHAH ALAM, 21 Oct: Lensa Anak Muda Malaysia (LENSA) denies reports on Twitter regarding the organisation of a demonstration in front of the State Government Secretary’s (SUK) Office to urge Mohamed Azmin Ali to resign as the Chief Minister of Selangor today.

Its Coordinator, Ekhsan Bukharee, said that the false news that was spread on the non-governmental organisation’s (NGO) social media site was hacked by irresponsible parties to tarnish their image.


He said the spreading of the false news linking LENSA happened since early October, however the motives of the responsible parties are not known.

“This is not the first time LENSA was defamed because previously there was a message sent to me asking about a demonstration in front of the Carlsberg factory.

“I realised the falsification of the LENSA Twitter this evening (October 20) through information from a friend of mine and I consider this as a ‘rubbish’ move,” he told Selangor Kini.

At the same time, Ekhsan said that they do not intend to make a police report regarding the incident and stressed that they will not entertain any cheap publicity which is being played by certain parties.


He also denied linking the possibility that the same party is involved in the hacking.

“We do not have to entertain any hacking or trespassing because there are many issues that we want to take and deliver to the people.

“I am not sure who is responsible, but it is strange that LENSA has just been established, so why are people so scared to a point that they are willing to hack our Twitter (account)?” he said.

Earlier, it was claimed that LENSA will hold a demonstration at 2pm today in front of the SUK Building to urge Azmin to resign for neglecting democracy.


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