Break the monopoly of internet services to be more competitive

SHAH ALAM, 6 Nov: The quality of internet service can only be improved if the central government is ready to break the service monopoly.

PKR Communications Director, Fahmi Fadzil, said that the practice of monopoly has caused the internet and broadband fees in this country to be expensive compared to the quality of service offered.


He said that the government should open up space so that there is competition among service providers.

“This does not just make the service price lower, but it also improves the quality of services because there is competition,” said Fahmi, quoted from Keadilan Daily.

He said that the Federal Government has to do something because by improving the quality of service and costs, it would greatly benefit the people.

“How can we become a developed country if the quality of this important service instrument is backdated,” he said.

An online study by Ookla Net Index previously placed Malaysia at the rank of 126 out of 196 countries in terms of world internet speed.

What is worse is that the quality of internet service in this country is behind Cambodia and Vietnam, based on the study conducted from May 2013 to April 2014.


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