Exactly 4 months since MH17 was shot down, who is responsible is the question

SHAH ALAM, 17 Nov: It has been exactly four months today since the MAS MH17 aircraft was shot down, killing 298 passengers on July 17.

To date, no one has claimed responsibility where the Western affiliates and accusing Russia and separatist fighters of shooting down MH17 using an MK-BUK weapon.


However, Russia, in the latest claims before the G-20 conference, said that the MH17 aircraft was shot down by a MIG 29 fighter aircraft belonging to Ukraine.

Evidence shows a satellite image of a missile from a jet fighter being targeted in the direction of the MH17 aircraft being broadcast on Russian television stations.

Channel One Russia claimed that the image was taken from an American or British satellite.

Meanwhile, a new video on the dramatic situation as soon as the MH17 aircraft was shot down was uploaded on YouTube.


The footage showed residents near the crash site panicking when they detected an object falling from the sky, which was on fire.

They also seemed to be running towards the location of the aircraft debris that killed 298 passengers, including crew members.

Dark clouds of smoke were seen as shown on the previous video.

On Sunday, the transferring of the MH17 wreckage from the rebel territory in eastern Ukraine began after four months had passed.


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