JPJ issues instructions to stop licence plate operation?

SHAH ALAM, 13 Nov: A circular for the enforcement on the offence of displaying vehicle registration plates that do not follow specifications to be stopped immediately began to spread on the internet since yesterday.

The letter, which was allegedly issued by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) Headquarters, has raised the notion that this is because of objections from the public on JPJ issuing summons for the offense.


“For the record, the Transport Minister today (12 November) ordered for the JPJ enforcement for the offence of displaying number plates that are not in accordance with the rules to be suspended immediately from the date the letter was issued.

“However, enforcement on the offence of using HID lamps and Strobe Lights will be continued.

“We are pleased to remind that Yang Bahagia Datuk/Tuan or any officer is not authorised to issue media statements regarding this enforcement,” according to the letter sent by fax to JPJ directors nationwide.


Some Facebook users describe this ‘latest development’ as a victory for the people after putting great pressure on JPJ, including on the official JPJ Facebook page.

Prior to this, the excuse from the JPJ Director General, Datuk Seri Ismail Ahmad, who said that the cause of road accidents that sacrificed 6,915 lives was due to failure to comply with the specifications of size and appearance of vehicle registration plates, is considered superficial and funny.

Following the JPJ crackdown and Ismail’s statement, JPJ was greatly criticised and parodied on social sites.

Among the comments by some Facebook users linked the small licence plate fonts to causing difficulties to ‘lottery players’ in reading the registration places thus causing accidents.

While some other social networking site users displayed the vehicle registration plates with the actual specification to poke fun at JPJ.

In addition, they also questioned the JPJ Director General’s vehicle which does not comply with the specifications.


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