Najib: Farmers lose out on fuel subsidy as they only use ‘Kapchai’

SERDANG 22 Nov: The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, said that the increase of petrol prices following the government’s move to abolish petrol subsidies will not affect the farmers in the country.

Najib said that this is because farmers in the country consist of those who use small-capacity engine motorcycles which he refers to as ‘Kapchai’ (underbone motorcycles) compared to the rich who use luxury cars.

“Why would you lose out if we give fuel subsidies?You gentlemen use Kapchai. Right?

“The people here (in the city) use Mercedes, big cars. They fill up 75 litres at once, we only fill up on seven litres because of Kapchai motorcycles,” said Najib during his opening speech at the MAHA Expo 2014 today.

He explained that the government will channel a larger allocation towards the agricultural sector if this new mechanism manages to save government expenditure.

Najib also compared the increase in fuel price in Indonesia by 55 cents, which he claimed is higher compared to Malaysia.


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