Other states should emulate Selangor in helping entrepreneurs

SHAH ALAM, 28 Nov: Other states should emulate Selangor’s efforts to help new entrepreneurs as a priority in their respective state budgets.

The Chairman of the IMPAK Malaysia (an entrepreneurs association), Mohd Burhanuddin Othman, said that the increased provisions of soft microcredit loans by the Selangor government, from RM70 million to RM100 million, corresponds to produce more new and young entrepreneurs.


He said that at this time, the young people tend to start online businesses and this is a good development.

“New entrepreneurs are not only able to increase their income, but even open up new income opportunities to the local community,” he said in a media statement.

He said that IMPAK wants the microcredit loan process by the Selangor government to be easy and not bound by excessive bureaucracy.

“Hopefully, this effort to help entrepreneurs will not be likened as being ‘too good to be true’,” he said.


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