The young people want to see PAS lead the people’s issues

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 Nov: PAS should change their approach in approaching the young people by increasing open dialogue discourses.

This is because the young people now are more interested in two-way communication for them to also bring up their views and not programmes like mere public talks.


The Coordinator of Lensa Anak Muda (Lensa), Safwan Anang, said that PAS is now towards maturity and this new approach may help bring the young people closer to them.

He said that although the main policy of Pas is politics, however they should head and lead the people’s issues.

“The young people want to see PAS leading the people’s issues.

“The young people do not like public talks but prefer dialogues. The PAS leadership should organise more dialogues.

“For example, PKR has the ‘Meet Anwar Ibrahim’ programme. PAS should take this as an example,” he said during the Wancana Harakah entitled ‘Is PAS mature at 63 years of age’.

Touching on whether PAS has reached maturity or not, he is of the opinion that there is no end point.

According to him, the maturity of PAS should be rated through achievements in the Elections, especially post-GE13.

He said that PAS cannot be comfortable with the existing achievements and should act in the matter of strengthening Pakatan Rakyat with PKR and DAP.

He explained that the young people of today prefer to sit outside by establishing NGOs compared to being involved with existing political parties.

Apart from that, he said that PAS should also pave the way to correct the perceptions of non-Malays who have been hurt by them, especially after the Selangor Chief Minister crisis.

“PAS can go far and moderately, the culture of dialogue so that PAS can be the people’s party of hope,” he added.


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