Wan Azizah hopes Anwar will remain steadfast, will remain together

PUTRAJAYA, 4 Nov: Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail hopes that her husband, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, will remain steadfast with the test given by Allah.

Wan Azizah, who accompanied Anwar to the Federal Court for the charge of the Defamation II case, said that this is a ‘small payment’ that must be gone through in the political world.


She said that she will continue strong and steadfast with her husband in facing the challenges with the people to oppose the prejudiced actions by the government which often misuses power and oppresses the people.

“As a wife, I definitely hope for the best, because this is a test from Allah.

“We ask Allah to give lasting benefits to the world and beyond because we must remember this this life will be questioned later,” she said, quoted from Keadilan Daily.

Based on the strong argument by the defense, Wan Azizah said that she is convinced that Anwar will be released from the charge.

“According to a legislative that is not influenced by executive powers and politics, Anwar should be released. That is why, I hope that the judge makes the best decision because I saw the defense counsel giving a very strong argument.

“And there is no reason to imprison Anwar, as done before,” he said.


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