Flood victims in 3 states increase, residents of Temerloh take shelter at rest area

SHAH ALAM, 30 Dec: The Pahang Contingent Police Headquarters issued a statistic of an increase of flood victims in the state this morning; 49,369 people compared to 35,501 last night.

Meanwhile, Kelantan also recorded a slight increase of flood victims for the same period; 142,582 people compared to 142,564 people last night, said the state Social Welfare Department Director.


MKN Perak reported that the number of flood victims in the state rose slightly this morning to 7,735 people compared to 7,408 last night.

The Johor Disaster Operations Control Centre issued statistics that the number of flood victims in the state remains at 171 people as of this morning, Bernama reported.

The East Coast Highway Authority (LPT) also allowed residents in nearby areas hit by floods to take temporary shelter at the Temerloh rest and relax (R&R) stop on humanitarian grounds.


Highway operator, Anih Berhan, said that until now, an estimated 50 residents have moved to the rest stop since yesterday evening and are using facilities such as the surau and toilets.

“The Temerloh R&R maintenance continues for the convenience of the residents,” he said in a statement taken from Bernama.

Meanwhile, there have been no changes to the flood situation at Kilometre 126 of the highway last night.

Light rain, in addition to the Sungai Pahang water level rising, caused the water level in the location to not change.

According to the statement, monitoring is being carried out on the road at Kilometre 124 following rising waters in the area.

“LPT thanks highway users who have made calls to us before planning their journey to the East Coast,” she said.


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