Warrant to arrest Yusuf Al-Qaradawi is rude, illogical

SHAH ALAM, 23 Dec: The warrant of arrest issued by the International Police (Interpol) against Islamic scholar, Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, is rude and illogical.

The Chairman of the PKR Bureau of Religious Understanding and Strengthening (BIPPA), Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty, said that a big impact, either positive or negative, will happen if Interpol pursues their intention to arrest Al-Qaradawi.


He said that it is clear that if Al-Qaradawi is arrested it is because Interpol was enticed with the pleas of the Egyptian coup regime, Al-Sisi, and other leaders of major powers.

“The contributions of Al-Qaradawi are large in the field of Dawah (preachings of Islam), thought and the development of Islamic institutions. In fact, he has received a lot of titles from Islamic countries around the world.

“It would be unfortunate if Muslims remain silent and do not do anything about the warrant of arrest issued by Interpol,” he said during a special interview with Selangor Kini today.


In relation to that, Dr Muhammad said that the Pakatan Rakyat government, Selangor in particular, should find solutions with Muslim individuals and Islamic non-governmental organisations to lobby and endeavour at the local and international levels to show their sympathy and provide support to Al-Qaradawi.

He also described the Al-Sisi as being despotic and providing tremendous pressure, as well as conspiring with the United States, to a point of failing to distinguish violent individuals from non-violent ones.

“They behave monolithic in viewing Islamic movements and labelling Al-Qaradawi as a terrorist. It is clear that Al-Qaradawi is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, or held as Faqihul Muslimin or religious scholar since the 1950s.

“We hope that the discussions that will be held formally with several parties will be able to resolve this issue in a day or two,” he said.


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