CM: Red notice to Qardhawi slanderous, intentionally triggering fear against Islam

SHAH ALAM, 3 Jan: The red notice issued by the International Police (Interpol) against the Chairman of the World Ulama Union, Syeikh Dr Yusof Abdullah Al Qardhawi, is defamatory and designed to trigger fear of Islam.

The Chief Minister of Selangor, Mohamed Azmin Ali, said that the spirit of the people’s uprising triggered by Al Qardhawi managed to prove that he is not just an Islamic leader and scholar, but also an influential Mujahid worldwide.


This includes the concept of Wasatiyyah or moderation organised by him in line with the spirit of Islam in all aspects that it is admired by the international community.

“Unfortunately, the accusations thrown against Syeikh Dr Yusuf Al Qardhawi are very heavy.

“What more, these allegations came from the military regime that seized and tore down the democracy championed by the people of Egypt,” he said during the Solidarity Assembly with Dr Yusuf Abdullah Al Qardhawi at the MBSA Auditorium yesterday.


He stressed that the Selangor government is adamant with their stand that the leader of moderation and activist of Islamic democracy has rights and should be defended.

At the same event, Mohamed Azmin also signed the protest against the red notice issued by Interpol and urged Islamic clerics and other Ulamas to be dropped from the list.

Interpol, through its official website on December 5, informed about the issuing of the red notice against Yusuf Al Qardhawi, 88, after being wanted by the Egyptian judicial authorities for the prosecution and conviction for being accused of inciting and helping in international murder, helping prisoners escape from prison, vandalism and also theft.

Al Qardhawi, who is residing in Qatar, was also accused of having connections with the Muslim Brotherhood commotion in prison and opposition against the Egyptian dictator, Hasni Mubarak.


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