Directive to vacate evacuation centre exposes victims to risks

SHAH ALAM, 2 Jan: The Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (ABIM) urged for the directive to vacate temporary evacuation centres to be suspended immediately until the flood victim relocation is completed.

The ABIM President, Amidi Abd Manan, said that field surveys by the ABIM Concern Squad OPS found that some things must be addressed by the authorities.

“Some families met at Manik Urai complained that they have no place to find shelter when the directive to vacate the temporary evacuation centre was issued.

“Some families have started building small tents to accommodate their families’ necessities. This situation is very worrying because it involves children and the elderly,” he said in a statement.

ABIM also called for an action plan to be announced by the state government as soon as possible to restore the flood victims’ relocation.

He said that a delay in doing so will cause future plans for the families to be disrupted.

“This situation is made worse when there is still no effective action being taken to reduce garbage in flood-stricken areas such as the districts of Kuala Krai and Gua Musang.

“This situation can lead to the spread of infectious diseases that can be life-threatening,” he said.

As the school session will start soon, ABIM also called on the ministries involved to take proactive measures to overcome the existing problems to ensure that the school session can be carried out smoothly.

“During our observation, many schools in affected areas have not been cleaned. At the same time, many teachers are also part of the flood victims,” he said.


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