Flood victims at evacuation centres have decreased

SHAH ALAM, 6 Jan: The number of flood victims at evacuation centres across the country has recorded a decline to 31,800 people compared to 34,240 yesterday.

In Kelantan, 4,784 victims were recorded as of 8 this morning at evacuation centres at four colonies compared to 5,602 last night.


Kuala Krai recorded the highest number of victims with 2,522 people, followed by Gua Musang (1,681), Tanah Merah (387) and Machang (194).

Meanwhile, in Pahang, the flood situation has improved with the number of flood victims placed at 106 evacuation centres in six districts continued to decline to 21,471 people compared to 22,869 people last night.

The Pahang Contingent Police Headquarters Flood Operations Room reported that the flood victims in Pekan still recorded the highest number of transfers at 11,154 people, followed by Temerloh (4,662), Maran (2,779), Kuantan (1,130), Bera (1,091) and Jerantut (655).


Meanwhile, the number of flood victims in Perak dropped to 5,545 people from 1,562 families compared to 5,742 people from 1,598 families as a result of good weather since yesterday.

The Perak National Security Council (MKN) reported that all victims are still at the 32 evacuation centres in the district of Perak Tengah, which placed the highest number of flood victims at 4,409 people, followed by Hulu Perak (606), Hilir Perak (304), Manjung (150) and Kuala Kangsar (76).

The number of flood victims at evacuation centres in Johore has not changed with the number of victims remaining at 20 people since January 3, who are being placed at the Kampung Batu Badak Community Hall in Segamat.

Meanwhile, the number of users who have not yet received water supply amounts to 15,468 accounts involving a large number of 223,300 or 6.9 percent of the residents in Kelantan.

However, as of 8 this morning, the Kuala Balah (Jajahan Jeli) water treatment plant (WTP) is back in operation.

The number of WTPs that are still completely closed in the state amounts to eight from the total of 32 and one WTP is still partially operating.

Of the eight WTPs closed, five plants are not operating because of an electricity outage from Tenaga Nasional Berhad, while three are due to damage at the plants.

In Pahang, the number of WTPs still closed until now remains at five, as previously reported.

The number of users who have yet to receive water supply is 7,234 accounts from the large number of 378,800 or 1.9 percent and there have been no plants shut down due to flooding in other states.


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