New fuel prices: Consumers want a win-win situation

SHAH ALAM, 3 Jan: Many people said assume that the new fuel price adjustment by the government since last Tuesday is a step that benefits the consumer.

Mahfuz Mahmood, 28, from Putrajaya, said that the move helps him save on expenditure and enables him to distribute surplus money for other uses.

“I can save a little and use it for other purposes needed.


“Regarding the allegations by the Malaysian Petrol Dealers Association on losses suffered, I feel that it may not be notable and certainly the government will look into this matter so that they are not burdened,” he said.

Chia Sih Lin, 33, from Shah Alam, said that the claim by the association may be true because the price of fuel is controlled. She feels that a win-win situation for both parties should be established.

“Perhaps when the prices fall, dealers face loses but consumers will also face losses when the price goes up.

“The interest of both parties should be taken care of in this matter,” she said.


However, for Nasaruddin Aris, 50, from Kota Damansara, the price announced by the government is only the new price and cannot be regarded as a price drop.

“As a consumer, I do not agree with the term ‘price drop’ but I agree with the term ‘new price’.

“But when buying petrol, it brings good and is beneficial to consumers like me,” he said.


Speaking on the issue of losses incurred by petrol dealers, Nasaruddin said that this should be investigated according to the ‘Free On Board’ (Term of sale under which the price invoiced or quoted by a seller includes all charges up to placing the goods on board a ship at the port of departure specified by the buyer, together with cost of insurance on the goods from the originating factory to the port) and related costs.

“From there, we can assess whether they are facing losses or vice versa,” he said.

The President of the Malaysian Petrol Dealers Association, Hashim Othman, previously in a media report said that petrol dealers will face losses between RM20,000 to RM100,000 as a result of the reduction in oil prices.

Effective January 1, the federal government announced that the retail price for RON95 has been set at RM1.91 per litre, RON97 at RM2.11 per litre and RM1.93 per litre for diesel.


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