Nik Aziz’s health positive, fully conscious

KOTA BHARU, 21 Jan: The health development of the PAS Mursyidul Am, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, today was positive when he became fully conscious.

His son, Nik Mohamed Abduh, said that his father talked with the doctors regarding his health and development throughout his time in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit.

“After being treated, father showed a better and stable reaction; however, the doctors said that he requires intensive care for better recovery.


“Father is suffering from prostate cancer which had been detected for some time, but continuous treatment by the doctors managed to control it,” wrote Mohamed Abduh on Facebook.

The former Chief Minister of Kelantan managed to perform the morning prayers and had tea for breakfast before resting again.

“Thanks to all Malaysians who are praying for father’s health.

“To visit father, it is in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the hospital and agreed by the family,” he wrote.


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