Petrol price down by 35 cents, diesel 30 cents from today

SHAH ALAM, 1 Jan: The Federal Government finally agreed with the insistence made by PR and the people when they lowered fuel prices, effective midnight.

The Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism, Datuk Seri Hasan Malek, in a statement earlier, announced that the new retail price for RON95 petrol is RM1.91 per litre, while RON97 is RM2.11 per litre.


Citing Berita Harian Online, the new price of petrol fell by 35 cents compared to the previous price of RM2.26 per litre for RON96 and RM2.46 per litre for RON97.

Meanwhile, the new retail price for diesel also fell by 30 cents from RM2.23 to RM1.93.

On November 21 last year, the cabinet decided to fix the retail price for RON95 and diesel to be controlled by the flotation method, as done for the fixing of the price for RON97 since July 2010.

Consequently, on December 1, the retail price for RON95 was reduced by four cents to RM2.26 per litre, while diesel was increased to RM2.23 per litre.

Earlier, some PR leaders, including the PKR Vice President, Rafizi Ramli, presented strong facts on why the Federal Government should re-examine the fuel price when the current world oil prices fell.

The people also expressed anxiety due to the increasing cost of living, in addition to the implementation of the GST, starting April this year.


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