Putrajaya urged to study the price of diesel, prices of goods unchanged

RAWANG, 18 Jan: The federal government has been asked to review the price of diesel in the market that has raised questions among consumers because the price of the fuel has not affected the prices of goods.

Selayang Member of Parliament, William Leong, said that consumers have been complaining about the rising prices of goods with the rising cost of fuel, but it has not gone down when fuel prices have gone down.

“The price of diesel now is higher than the RON95 petrol. Transportation such as buses and lorries all use diesel.


“The federal government needs to look into this matter and solve it,” he told Selangor Kini today.

Starting from January this year, the price of diesel is RM1.93 compared to the RON95 (RM1.91) and RON97 (RM2.11) petrol.

“We have reminded the federal government about the habit of the prices of goods increasing when fuel prices go up but do not come down when fuel prices go down.

“Action needs to be taken by the government regarding this matter,” he said.


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