Rejection of i-BR1M claim unreasonable, government should investigate

SHAH ALAM, 15 Jan: The 1Malaysia’s People’s Aid Group Takaful Insurance (i-BR1M) was found to have failed in providing protection to those eligible when many claims were rejected because they “were not names the beneficiaries” by Takaful.

The Simpang Pulai Assemblyman, Tan Kar Hing, said that he urged to Finance Ministry to investigate and correct the problem, as it involves the interests of the people and a premium of up to RM197 million borne by the government.


Kar Hing said that this way of handing it denies the people from being insured under the insurance scheme; for recipients of BR1M 2014 for the category of household, profits insurance companies indirectly.

“In the process of applying for the BR1M 2014, applicants were not at all required to nominate their beneficiary in the insurance scheme.

“According to the official announcement by the government, claims can be made by spouses, children, parents and siblings of the BR1M recipients by submitting proof of relationship,” he said in a media statement.

He said that it is unreasonable for Takaful to refuse the claims of the BR1M recipients families who managed to submit all required documents, i He said Takaful refuse unreasonable demands of a successful family BR1M recipients to submit all required documents including proof of relationship.

“This has resulted in the insurance losing its meaning because it cannot provide protection, as touted,” he said.


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