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Chinese New Year message from the Selangor CM

Traditionally, to celebrate the coming of the New Year, the Chinese community will gather at home with their extended families to ensure that intimacy within the family continues. Their hope is for the New Year ahead to bring good changes for the well-being of all.

The Chinese New Year this year ushers us into the year of the goat. Symbolically, this year is a year of good fortune and symbolises peace and prosperity. This is depicted in a popular Chinese proverb that means “Three goats bring harmony and happiness”.

Selangor, as the most developed state in Malaysia, will continue to be a prosperous and harmonious state. In line with the policy ‘Quality Development with People at Heart’, this administration will always ensure that the well-bring and harmony of the people are assured.

Variety in the community will continue to be revered and the welfare of the people will continue to be maintained in the state government’s effort to develop Selangor as a cosmopolitan state.

Thus, every member of the community must strengthen our will and resolve to have a better life. Our expectations are for this year to be happier for everyone, especially the people of Selangor, in societal peace and moderation.

Happy New Year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai. Xin Nian Jin Bu, Xin Nian Hao, Nian Nian Hao


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