Rafizi: #turunhargadandanrambut campaign for Rosmah

SHAH ALAM, 26 Feb: The allegations by the Prime Minister’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, that she is forced to pay RM1,200 for her hair styling services has received the attention of the public, especially on social sites.

The issue has also become the joke of PKR Vice President, Rafizi Ramli, who asked the public to support the #turunhargadandanrambut (lower prices for hair styling) campaign because he is sympathetic over Rosmah’s fate.


He also cynically proposed for Rosmah to wear a hijab as it clearly saves money and reduces the cost of hair styling.

“I sympathise with Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor who is pressured because the price of her hair styling reaches RM1,200 per time.

“I propose we support the #turunhargadandanrambut campaign, otherwise, I propose to use a hijab so the question of hair styling prices will not come up,” he wrote on Facebook.


Meanwhile, Selangor Kini found on Facebook that people are continuing to question Rosmah’s extravagance in expenses while most of the people currently have to deal with an increase in cost of goods and services.

For Yusrinda Yusof, the hair styling costs of Malaysia’s first lady is almost on par with the monthly salary of a proletarian and clearly demonstrates Rosmah’s extravagance.

“We are very disappointed…is she wears a hijab, there would certainly be no wastage, and in fact she will be awarded (by God).


“May she receive guidance and blessing. Amen,” she wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Mohd Ikram Amz said that the high cost each month can be used by the people to buy groceries.

He also advised Rosmah to not simply ‘waste’ money because most of the people are now living in hardship die to the increasing cost of living.

For Rosmaliza Arifin, the wife of the Prime Minister should be an example to the youth of the nation by imposing the image of a Muslim lady, as Islam asks.

“(She) should be a role model to the youth of the nation because wearing a hijab is very beautiful o Datin Seri Rosmah.

“There is no need to display that fake hair. The fashion of veiled Muslim women is increasing where they are beautiful and pleasant to the eyes,” she said.


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