Pakatan Youth: Stop violating the basic human right to gather peacefully

SHAH ALAM, 16 Mar: The Pakatan Rakyat Youth urged to immediately stop the arrest of anyone related to the #KitaLawan assembly that took place on March 7.

The three youth wings of PAS, PKR and DAP, in a press statement, said that the arrest and detention by the police violates basic human rights and is against the Federal Constitution.

“We were all detained under Section 9 (5) of the peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) and Section 143 of the Penal Code. These laws are being used recklessly, as though being ordered by certain parties, to threaten, bully, intimidate and persecute us and our allies.


“We strongly object to the use of these Act as a form of manipulating the law,” said Suhaizan Kayat, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad and Teo Kok Seong.

The PR Youth also urged for all detainees related to the #KitaLawan rally who are still in lock-up to be immediately released.

“We and our other NGO allies are independent young people who respect the laws in Malaysia

He said that they are clinging to the principle of upholding justice and fighting for those who are oppressed and that they are determined to pursue it.

“We will not stop as long as the Prime Minister does not resign over the 1MDB scandal and Anwar Ibrahim, the political prisoner, is released.

“Therefore, we reiterate our call for the police, especially the inspector General of Police, to immediately stop bullying and violating our and our allies’ human rights because we are all free people,” he said.


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