Rafizi: Cost to upgrade PM’s private jet is RM28 million

SHAH ALAM, 23 Mar: The private aircraft for the use of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet which was bought via hire purchase at a price of RM465 million recently was upgraded with renovation to the interior reaching RM28 million, claimed PKR Secretary General Rafizi Ramli.

In a press statement received by Selangor Kini, Rafizi also uploaded some copies of the ACJ320 aircraft cabin before it was modified, but it still looked luxurious.


According to the copy of the purchase agreement which he has in his hands, the Pandan Member of Parliament claimed that the jet was equipped for 19 passengers.

“Before this, Umno leaders justified the purchase of the jet for the sake of the PM’s safety, but why was there a need to spend RM28 million of the people’s money to upgrade the cabin to become more lavish than it already is?” Rafizi questioned.


According to him, the upgrading of the cabin is among the conditions of the hire purchase agreement between the aircraft owner and the Malaysian Government. The cost to upgrade was included in the hire purchase price being borne by the government.

“If the RM28 million is used to build houses for flood victims in Kelantan, at a price of RM35,000 per home, the RM28 million would have been able to build homes for 800 flood victim families,” said Rafizi.


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