Change the federal government, abolish the Batu Tiga toll

SHAH ALAM, 16 Apr: The issue of the Batu Tiga toll has been going on for a long time without solution as the federal government is nonchalant about objection from the public who wants it to be abolished.

The Batu Tiga Assemblyman, Rodziah Ismail, said that what’s more disappointing is when the concession company’s agreement, which expires this year, was continued without any valid reason until 2035.

“The federal government must provide an answer and should be open on what grounds the increase or extension was given, and where is the money being channelled?


“This issue is often discussed with the Shah Alam Member of Parliament, Khalid Abdul Samad, until it was taken to the Selangor State Assembly (DNS), but there has not been any solution apart from changing the federal government,” she told Selangor Kini.

Rodziah said that current developments are also disappointing because the toll no longer practices a cash payment system, which frustrated users.

“I see it as not being rational if the concession ends in 2015, as promised at the beginning of the construction. Why must the contract be continued?

“If we talk about flooding, will the money collected help resolve the problem because not only is the Batu Tiga toll facing problems but Sungai Rasah is also facing the same problem,” she said.


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