Lighten consumers from the effects of the GST, not fuss about service charges

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 Apr: The Federal Government should lessen the burden of consumers post the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) and not fuss about services charges.

Lim Lip Eng (DAP-Segambut) said that grumblings of the services charge was first raised by the minister, which among others attempted to divert the public anger in relation to the impact if the GST.

Although they agreed to the move by the ministry to take action on premises that charge service charges without an agreement with their workers, confusion arose due to the frantic and hurried implementation of the GST.


“It is being questioned that if they fail to do so (post up a notice), can action be taken under the Price Control Act and the Anti-profiteering Act or the Consumer Protection Act?

“Both these Acts cannot be used to punish those who practice the services charges unless an Act is enacted.

“It is proposed for the ministry to take existing legal action to make it compulsory for traders to display price tags and the services charge notice,” he said at the Parliament Lobby.

Lip Eng added that the service charge is nothing new and blame should not be put on business premises that have been charging it for a long time.


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