11MP only an illusion if leakages are not addressed

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 May: The federal government needs to address the various leakage problems and abuse of power to realise all plans outlined in the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP).

The Sungai Petani Member of Parliament, Datuk Johari Abdul, said that the implementation of the 11MP will also fail because most of the plans in the 10MP could not be fulfilled.


“Even the 10MP failed. How to implement the plans in the 11MP? So, that is why I think that it is just an illusion,” he told Selangor Kini at the Parliament lobby today.

He said that the 10MP plans were stalled because of a lot of leakages, corruption and non-transparent laws.

He said that most of the planning in the 10MP could have been implemented if the government is serious in addressing all the problems with adequate provisions.


“Action needs to be fair and open with all systems being carried out transparently. Space should be given with the government being willing to accept public criticism like Indonesia and on its own, economic growth will happen,” he said.

Johari said that the plan like the MP is important to determine the direction of the country.

“I have no problem in the MP in the past five years. The issue is that we do not have monitoring in every planning done,” he said.


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