Fight at Seberang Jaya Market, PR condemns violence

PERMATANG PAUH, 5 May: Pakatan Rakyat (PR) condemns any form of violence that happens during the election campaign, regardless if it involves their supporters or otherwise.

The Penang DAPSY Chief, Ng Wei Aik, said that PR hopes that the police can take action against the parties involved in a fight involving MCA youth and PR supporters at the Seberang Jaya Market.


“We condemn all violence, regardless if it involves PR or BN supporters, or local residents.

“What happened at the Seberang Jaya Market is that the Penang MCA Youth, led by Michael Liew, tried to disrupt the election campaign by questioning the vehicle of the Chief Minister, which was parked at the wrong place.

“It should not have happened because if the Chief Minister’s car broke the rules, the driver would be summoned,” said Wei Aik during a press conference at the PKR Media Centre, Yayasan Aman, today.

He said that the fight was stopped and dispersed with the intervention of the police who were in the area.


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