Iskandar: Be an inclusive party, do not only focus on internal programmes

SHAH ALAM, 1 Jul: PAS Vice President, Datuk Iskandar Samad, reminds leaders and members of PAS to not focus on the party’s internal programmes alone.

Also the Selangor PAS commissioner, he stated that PAS members need to “dive” into society to experience and understand the hopes and sufferings of the rakyat.

“Although member development and strengthening programmes are important, do not forget the rakyat.


“Specific programs for the rakyat should always be implemented. Or inclusive programmes which the people can participate in.

They should not be “syok sendiri” or self-indulgent if the programme is attended by many members but garner little attention from the community.

He said that the organisation of programmes does not involve “touch and go” members to merely obtain “political mileage.”

PAS was also reminded to not be obsessed with praise and instead, understand the reality of the current political environment.

“PAS must become inclusive and not exclusive, give opportunity to everyone to play a role and take into account the opinions of all and not just the opinions of certain members or groups,” he said.


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