Afdlin Shauki slams KJ: “People are not ashamed to support PAS now bro!”

SHAH ALAM, 12 Aug: The Youth and Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, was slammed by a popular director and comedian, Afdlin Shauki, following a political remark by Khairy by likening supporters of the Liverpool football club with PAS.

Afdlin, cynically, said that Khairy should not mix politics that is increasingly worrying the people, with what something that is a favourite.


“It is enough that everything political oriented worries the people a lot, it looks like there are Friday sermons that are political nowadays, now even football is being made hot! No need bro.

“We like to ‘fight’ among ourselves, its part of supporting a football team when everything on my timeline worries me, do not politicise football too.

“After all, people are not ashamed of supporting PAS now bro. Even though they lose, they are respectable instead of winning but hated.YNWA!, wrote Afdlin on Facebook yesterday.

Afdlin’s statement received over 5,000 ‘likes’ and 463 comments by Facebook users.


Rizwan Ali said “take that, I am a PAS supporter. Am I ashamed? No” and Mohamad Faisal wrote “rarely do I comment on the status of this artist but I support this 100%”

Mohd Alliph Maryani wrote, “Fact: After all, people are not ashamed to support PAS now bro. Even though they lose but they are respectable instead of winning but hated”.

However, Afdlin’s statement also received comments where opportunity was taken to return hard nails to Afdlin.

“What’s the story from your drain bro?” wrote Muhammad Fahir Roslan referring to the video clip where Afdlin was acting in which was also politically oriented that offended some viewers.

In addition to Afdlin, a popular singer, Faizal Tahir, said that Khairy’s statement was laughable and caused him to lose respect for the minister.

“Mmm…Even saying is not true. To me, his ‘joke’ made it, became stupid.Please sir, I believe we are better than this. We could all be better than this,” he wrote, taken from the song ‘Assalamualaikum’ by himself.

On August 9, Khairy, during the Hard Talk session at the 9th Malaysian Student Conference, jokingly said that supporting Liverpool is like supporting PAS.


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