Najib needs to resign to save the economy and RM

SHAH ALAM, 27 Aug: The resignation of the Prime Minster, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, is the best way to save the current state of the economy.

The former Bank Negara Director, Dr Rosli Yaakob, said that this is because Najib’s image at the moment is covered with various scandals at the expense of investor confidence.

He said that Najib’s actions have raised some speculation, thus placing the Ringgit at a weak position.


“When the head of the country has a variety of political crises, is weak in managing the economy and coupled with being associated with various scandals, this will make investors shy away from investing in our country.

“Our existing investors are also unwilling to wait long because they do not see any signs of recovery and they will sell their stock holdings, Ringgit or any investment as soon as possible to avoid worse losses.

“This is not the best way but there is no choice, this is the only way to get out of the crisis of the fall of the ringgit and the economy,” he said when contacted by Selangor Kini.

Rosli said that Najib should resign honourably if he has a responsible attitude towards the economy and the welfare of the country.

“The ringgit is at its weakest point in 17 years. The 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) issue is the cause of the collapse of the Ringgit, therefore this is the only way to save the Ringgit from continuing to fall,” he said.


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