YAWAS seeks private sector’s aid for TAWAS members


KLANG, JUN 30: The private sector has been urged to support the Selangor Government’s effort to develop the Selangor Children’s Heritage Foundation’s (YAWAS) welfare programme.

YAWAS Assistant Marketing Manager Sharizan Shariff said their involvement can ease the burden of Selangor Children’s Heritage Fund’s (TAWAS) members and help them overcome challenges they face.

“We started being active last year. However, it was quite difficult for us to get funding. Moreover, we are not fully funded by the State Government.

“We are hoping for more contributions from the private sector to realise our objectives in helping TAWAS members,” he said to SelangorKini.

Earlier, Kumpulan Semesta, a subsidiary of the State Government, contributed RM50,000; making it the biggest contributor so far.

He said the contribution was distributed to all TAWAS members across the state in the form of capital development, education and welfare.

“We aim to continue this programme to help the children of Selangor, focusing on issues relating to welfare, diseases and disasters.

“However we are somewhat limited under the Ministry of Finance that only allows us to distribute any contribution exclusively to TAWAS members,” he said.

The YAWAS Fund was established in February 2009 with the main objective to create, promote, manage and maintain welfare contributions for the benefit of Selangor citizens born on or after Jan 1, 2008.

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