Sabak Bernam is still country’s biggest paddy producer


SABAK BERNAM, JUL 1: Sabak Bernam retains its status as the biggest paddy producer in the country based on metric tonnage.

Sabak Bernam District Officer Mohd Khairuddin Md Som said that Sekinchan alone can produce up to 13 metric tons of high grade paddy per hectare.

He said this is high compared to 4.5 tons per hectare, the average production rate for the country.

“In terms of acreage, Selangor does not rank the highest.

“However it is the highest producer at an average of 6.15 metric tons per season,” he said recently.

Sabak Bernam has 14,099 hectares of paddy plantation area, 71% of the total paddy plantation area in Selangor.

Khairuddin said this provides an opportunity for locals to earn good income.

“The earnings are expected to boost the economy of Selangor, the most advanced state in Malaysia,” he said.

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