Local authorities need to resolve hawkers’ problems not just issue fines


PETALING JAYA, AUG 23: The local authorities’ old approach of sequestrating and fining unlicensed hawkers are no longer relevant.

Taman Medan Assemblyman Haniza Talha said that kind of action only affects the hawkers in the short-term.

“Most hawkers have been fined, punished and even sequestrated but they continue with business-as-usual as it is their source of income.

“So the local authorities should quickly take action with appropriate solutions so that the problem does not repeat itself and is solved in a win-win situation,” she said to SelangorKini.

Previously, she participated in the Selangor State Legislative Assembly Poverty Reduction Selected Special Committee that surveyed unlicensed hawkers around Taman Medan.


Also in the committee as chairman is Saari Sungib. Other members include Seri Serdang State Assemblyperson Noor Hanim Ismail and Lai Nyuk Lan (Sungai Pelek).

Haniza said hawkers’ efforts in generating income should be made easier by responsible parties.

“They have the initiative to set up a business and increase their income in a high-cost living situation, and to subsequently free themselves from urban poverty.

“Hence we don’t need to provide them with courses anymore, we only need to keep an eye on them so that they can continue their businesses,” she said.

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