Property owners recall humiliation during BN era over land issues


SABAK BERNAM, AUG 17: Recipients of land titles at Kampung Batu 23, Sungai Nibong sighed a breath of relief after finally being given land rights for the land that they have been living on after spending years trying to secure them.

Jamal Dasuki, a villager in his 70s, said that this was a fitting end to the saga as he had been laughed at by Barisan Nasional leaders, as well as Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) members after he brought up the land rights issue during an event attended by then Menteri Besar Dr Khir Toyo.

“Menteri Besar Dr Khir Toyo was in charge at that time. He visited the area along with the JKKK Chairman and other members. They were all there.

“I was speaking at the hall at that time and everyone laughed at me as if I was a fool. Then, when I brought it up a second time, I was ridiculed.

“The JKKK Chairman just said that the land was a grant and it was held by the JKKK of the village. I was so disappointed. That was during BN’s administration,” he said at a ceremony where Notice 5A were handed over to the villagers of Desa Kasih, Kampung Batu 23, Sungai Nibong recently.

The ceremony was held on 11 Aug and involved 31 recipients, all of whom are locals of the village.

He said that he was grateful to be given the title deed of the land that he has been staying on for years.

“The humiliating episode happened during the BN era. We have always been supporters of ‘that side’, ever since my grandfather’s time. But no longer.

“At that time we were ignorant but now we are grateful because the current administration has shown us dignity and respect,” Jamal added.

Zainuddin Samingan, 56, expressed his happiness as his 20 years of waiting has finally come to an end.

“I’m so grateful because this marks the end of my 20 year wait and there are no conditions that are burdensome, everything is acceptable,” he said.

Meanwhile, Noryatimah Sanury, 57, recalled how her request during the BN era was rejected almost immediately.

“I have stayed here since 1974. I previously applied but it was not approved, so I feel really happy because I’ve finally got it after waiting so long,” she said.

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