Smart Selangor attracts private sector participation


SHAH ALAM, AUG 18: Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI) has received positive feedback from the private sector expressing their wish to participate and share their views on the development of the Smart Selangor programme pioneered by the Selangor Government.

MBI Progamme Management Head Mohamad Suhaimi Mohamad Tahir said the private sector seemed interested in developing joint policies, judging from the participation of the “Smart Selangor: Expression Of Interest Briefing Smart Transport & Mobility” workshop.

“We estimated around 160 participants but we exceeded the number, so we are certainly proud,” he said to SelangorKini at the Shah Alam Convention Centre.

The workshop enables various parties including the private sector to make the Smart Selangor agenda a success.

He said that the views and suggestions made by the private sector during the workshop would be used in the development of the agenda, including its budget.


“We have gathered the private sector from various fields, including administration management, digital infrastructure development, waste management, transport management and mobility.

“Emphasis on these fields are based on findings and requests from various parties, including government agencies and the public,” he said.

Smart Selangor is a development agenda focused on the rakyat championed by the Selangor government.

Its philosophy focuses on strengthening social inclusion, communication and active involvement at every level of society and addressing the challenges of urbanisation by using technology as a key enabler.

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