Smart Parking: MPAJ easy payment method


AMPANG, APR 17: The Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) is introducing the Smart Parking coupon selling system this May.

Its Yang Dipertua, Abd Hamid Hussain says the new system’s efficiency can facilitate the community to pay their parking fees in a more organised manner.

He said, service system improvement is also implemented through Online Application Scheme.

“MPAJ is in the process to appoint a company to implement an online parking-fee payment application known as Smart Parking.


“The application is consistent with the ‘Smart Selangor’ policy driven by the State Government,” he said.

For the record, MPAJ provides parking coupon manually with the payment system located nearby the parking area.

“This system or Intelligent Community (ICOMM) facilitate the public to use online application to apply and renew license, hall reservation, pay traffic fines, stall rental, tax and tender purchasing,” he said.

In a different development, he said MPAJ is currently studying various facilities to provide short-term benefits to the people.

He said, the main facility to be realised are the MPAJ Stadium costing RM17 million and a community hall in Taman Melawati.

Abd Hamid was speaking in a speech at the Excellence Service Ceremony at the Flamingo Hotel last Wednesday.