Don’t spoil Syawal with dengue


SHAH ALAM, JUNE 2: Dr Daroyah Alwi reminded all parties to carry out their responsibilities for a mutual effort to fight the spread of dengue fever in Selangor.

Health, Welfare, Women and Family Development Exco, Dr Daroyah Alwi said residential areas and its environment must always be kept clean, safe and free from stagnant water.

She said, it is to curb Aedes mosquitoes from breeding and consecutively prevent the deadly fever from spreading.

“In a situation where the weather is the main factor causing the rise in the number of cases lately, the community is also reminded to be more vigilant and cautious throughout Ramadan and the coming Syawal.

“Surely we don’t want to spoil the celebration with sad news due to the disease,” she said in a statement.

Daroyah Alwi

Daroyah said, precautionary steps must always taken by wearing bright-coloured clothing with long sleeves when going to the Ramadan bazaars.

“The public is also advised to use insect repellent because the Aedes mosquitoes are most active in the evening.

“Besides that, the hygiene and cleanliness in business premises must continue to be prioritised,” she said.

As of May 27, the cumulative total registered dengue cases across Selangor is 20,910 against 26,449 in the same period last year.