Fertigation concept attracts youth


SABAK BERNAM, SEP 27: The involvement of youth in the fertigation based agricultural industry is gaining momentum in Selangor.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco, Zaidy Abdul Talib said although some of them have acquired degrees such as engineering, they still choose to venture into agriculture.

“We are seeing an encouraging involvement of youths from various background.

“The State Government encourages agriculture with the concept of fertigation as it requires a small area but gives good returns,” he said.

Zaidy said, the State Government is now in its final stage to complete the Selangor State Agricultural Development Masterplan draft which will encourage more fertigation based farming.


As of now, the State Government has allocated RM1 million a year to encourage local communities into this field.

Zaidy had earlier visited five Smart Selangor Farms, with the capacity of 200 polybags, under the Sabak Bernam District Council’s supervision.

So far Selangor has 1,000 active entrepreneurs with 850,000 chilly polybags producing 1,700 metric tonnes a year.

Additionally there is also Rock Mellon being planted in 1.07 million polybags with an estimated production of 3,500 metric tonnes.