Fertigation concept attracts youth


SABAK BERNAM, SEP 27: The involvement of youth in the fertigation based agricultural industry is gaining momentum in Selangor.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco, Zaidy Abdul Talib said although some of them have acquired degrees such as engineering, they still choose to venture into agriculture.

“We are seeing an encouraging involvement of youths from various background.

“The State Government encourages agriculture with the concept of fertigation as it requires a small area but gives good returns,” he said.

Zaidy said, the State Government is now in its final stage to complete the Selangor State Agricultural Development Masterplan draft which will encourage more fertigation based farming.


As of now, the State Government has allocated RM1 million a year to encourage local communities into this field.

Zaidy had earlier visited five Smart Selangor Farms, with the capacity of 200 polybags, under the Sabak Bernam District Council’s supervision.

So far Selangor has 1,000 active entrepreneurs with 850,000 chilly polybags producing 1,700 metric tonnes a year.

Additionally there is also Rock Mellon being planted in 1.07 million polybags with an estimated production of 3,500 metric tonnes.


Over 700 seedlings, including Musang King, sold out


MERU, SEP 26:  More than 700 types of seedlings of various types of trees were sold out within a day, especially Musang King.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco Zaidy Abdul Talib said this shows an increase in people who are involving themselves in agriculture today.

“This is a good thing as many people are now interested to farm. They come here to get seeds and seedlings.

“The same goes for other programmes like Jelajah Infra Tani and Agrofest where we mostly sell seedlings and seeds to provide a ready source,” he said during the Farmers’ Day Meet Customers and Incentive Presentation Day 2016 at Klang Agriculture Centre on September 25.


He said, besides selling seedlings, the 2-day programme also achieved its objective of providing an opportunity to agro-based entrepreneurs to promote their products and premises.

Earlier in the event, while delivering his opening speech, Zaidy informed that the State Government has collaborated with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) to conduct research on the best method in ensuring sustainability of food resources in Selangor.

He said that the research is a long-term measure to reduce dependability on food supplies from abroad.


65 AGROGEMS participants accepted nearly RM1 million in aid


SHAH ALAM, AUG 28: Almost RM1 million has been received by 65 Selangor Youth Agro Programme (AGROGEMS) participants.

Public Facilities and Infrastructure, Agriculture, Modernisation and Agro-based Industry Exco Zaidy Abdul Talib said the aid, which amounted to RM942,132 was given in the form of agricultural equipment.

“Receipients consist of those who have started agricultural projects such as chilli, vegetables and fruits, cattle and goats, and also fish farming (aqua-culture),” he said.

He gave the statement during the official closing event of Crop Fertigation Technology Course at the Carlton Holiday Hotel & Suites on August 26.

Zaidy said various courses and training is available to anyone interested to venture into the agricultural sector.

“Especially the young generation who have not started agricultural projects but are interested and experienced.

“There are courses and training for planting crops based on fertigation, also goat and fish farming,” he said.